Fast giornata mondiale dell acqua

What happened on 22 March? World Water Day.

This anniversary was established by the United Nations in 1992. Since the 1980s, the demand for water has grown by 1 percent a year and by 2050 it will have exceeded 20-30 percent of current use. This growth in demand, together with climate change, will contribute to increasing global water stress levels.

On World Water Day this year, we want to remind you that FAST Group’s technologies and software are fundamental because they support utilities in finding leaks and offer solutions for the entire integrated water service.

Here is what we can actually do for you every day:

  • Regulating network flows and pressures
  • Data analysis automation, management of water processes and IoT System
  • Monitoring and remote control of all installations thanks to cloud solutions
  • Smart metering
  • Water balance
  • Qualitative water analysis

The Aquaworks software is our pride and joy when it comes to analysing the stress of the water network and improving its management, and it is already being used by various Italian utilities. This software performs an ALC service compliant with IWA standards, automatically calculates Arera KPIs and manages the priority of intervention activities based on the marginal cost of the leak. The software can operate on the company server or be supplied with a “Software as a Service” contract and, thanks to the fact that it is fully open, it can easily be integrated with any Central Remote Control System, as well as with any Enterprise System (GIS, WFM etc.).

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