Control Technology

Everything is under control.
When a process is designed to achieve maximum performance, nothing is left to chance. Each step is assisted by moments where control is are strategic to achieving the optimal result.

FAST produces Automation and Process Control Systems for industry and for utility production, management and distribution services.

It has been in business since 1982 with the responsibility and awareness of the key role that control technologies play, a fundamental role when it comes to the efficiency of company processes. For this reason, for almost 40 years, FAST has not been satisfied by merely pursuing standards, but has always focused on working with the most advanced hardware and software technologies and developing productive ongoing partnerships with the most important international players.

The work FAST is involved in forms part of the innovative scenario of the INTERNET OF THINGS and continuously aims to reduce complexity. FAST proposals are based on integrated solutions, in which methods and technologies intermingle on platforms capable of delivering services in a transparent environment with user-friendly interfaces.

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We are what we believe in


Every day, we are faced with choices that have the power to affect the future of our Company and the people who work with us. The thoughts and ideas that inspire us guide us in these decisions, which are embodied in the values and principles on which our corporate culture is based.

Our values encapsulate what we believe to be important as a Company and play a key role in establishing the conditions for working collaboratively, both in-house and with our partners. The principles that are linked to them, on the other hand, are what convey to us the indications to respect in order to put them into action every day.

The values and principles of Pietro Fiorentini

  • Reliability
    We always deliver our commitments on time and successfully meet expectations to generate trust.
  • Communication
    We ensure that strategies, programs, objectives and information are conveyed in a transparent, clear and comprehensible manner, taking care to understand the listener’s perspective.
  • Excellence
    We set ourselves ambitious goals so we are constantly improving, identifying the value stream and organising our resources in order to reduce waste that would hinder development.
  • Commitment
    We work resolutely to analyse problems, propose solutions and implement tasks, making the most of every opportunity.
  • Innovation
    We pursue constant evolution by encouraging research into new solutions, without settling for the easiest route.
  • Teamwork
    We involve and motivate our colleagues and employees, enhancing their ideas, skills and competencies with the aim of constant improvement in terms of performance and results.
  • Respect
    We accept and defend the dignity of people and their work, regardless of their gender, race or origins, and strive to draw added value from diversity.
  • Sincerity
    We demonstrate moral integrity, professional honesty and fairness in interpersonal relationships, courageously supporting ideas and opinions.

These values and principles convey the commitment Pietro Fiorentini puts into play every day concerning issues such as diversity, transparency and honesty.


We want to set a benchmark as a System Integrator in process control. An innovative company that offers the best solutions and always responds in a timely, flexible and precise manner to specific customer needs.

The partner of choice for multi-utility companies with dedicated hardware and software solutions and all-round service.