It’s factory 4.0 time
FAST can say it and do it. Monitor everything that happens in real time, intervene, optimise... remotely and efficiently.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, FAST is the ideal partner in the remote control of distributed systems, thanks to flexible, reliable installations featuring maximum integration.



Remote terminals for controlling systems distributed throughout the country; FAST has a catalogue brimming with products with specific technical and functional characteristics to meet the requirements of the various uses requested.


Remote management systems for large networks distributed on the WEB platform with virtual control rooms from which to monitor the status of the systems, using any device connected to the global network.


Advanced systems for the monitoring and unitary management of the distributed systems.


Specific vertical applications for utility networks, which can be chosen from a wide range of software packages for innovative network management.

Multi-vendor integration

Integration with existing systems. Interoperable and interconnected solutions that take into account what already exists within the system, identifying the most appropriate solution in terms of budget and functionality, in response to customer needs.