LD Reti, the company belonging to the A2A group, has cooperated profitably with FAST over the years to manage the gas network of numerous municipalities in the Provinces of Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and Pavia in an increasingly smart and “eco compatible” way.

Starting from 2014, LD Reti has implemented an extension plan for tele-control of all its R&M and low pressure reducing stations fitting them, respectively, with: RTUs from the STARBOX line for the first, and RTUs from the G-LOG line for the second. The entire tele-control system is managed by the revolutionary Overland SCADA platform, the web portal for the management of utility distribution networks. Today the system manages 70 R&Ms and 227 low pressure reducing stations.

LD Reti, particularly sensitive to economic and ecological energy saving, has achieved a reduction in energy consumption in its R&M cabins in the GAS reheating process thanks to use of the ECOCH4 technologies developed by FAST.

ECOCH4 provides for the regulation and control of boilers, to contain gas consumption through an evolved algorithm that optimizes use of the boiler. The regulation algorithm, specially developed for this application, permits the predictive control of temperature through machine-learning mechanisms thanks to which the temperature of the gas is kept at a minimum and sufficient value to guarantee a correct service at the minimum possible energy cost.

The ECOCH4 solution has enabled a 30% reduction in specific energy consumption, constant stability of the best working conditions for the plant, greater continuity of service and high safety standards.