Starting from 2015, FAST has developed and finalized an important project in Greece, concerning the implementation of a control and monitoring system of the Patras water network, which led to excellent results in leakage reduction.

In 2015, Patras water network suffered several problems, mainly related to the infrastructure conditions and the complete lack of a control system that could provide an important service of network’s diagnosis and regulation. The most alarming statistic was the percentage of Non Revenue Water (up to 55%) caused by infrastructure leakage and unauthorized consumption.

The intervention planned and carried out by FAST, has provided the installation of an active network management system, based on pressure management and leakage monitoring. An advanced diagnostic system has been set up to provide real-time information of each DMA thanks to the installation of the AQUALOG PQ RTU and the AQUALOG T-CNT controllers over the whole area. The data acquired by the Data Loggers are collected and processed by the OVERLAND web Scada, which integrates natively with the specialized AQUAWORKS software, a powerful analysis tool able to identify each critical event and present it clearly to the management service. The operator can evaluate the efficiency of the network in real time, estimate water losses, monitor pressure values and perform any maintenance or configuration at the right time.

Learning the network behavior over time and the ability to predict potential problems through data analysis, has allowed to optimize the performance of the plants, increase their efficiency and safety and drastically reduce costs thanks to active management and targeted interventions.

At the end of the year 2017, the water balance data showed significant results and recoveries on the Patras network, with a reduction of over 25% of Non Revenue Water, an optimization of energy consumption, a reduction in the stress of the network and the reduction of the operating costs.