FAST realized for ACIF, a ceramic company of Emilceramica Group, the management system of the handling and mixing plant. The innovative part of the system is in the dynamic management of the silos contents through RFID tags. The RFID tag is written and scanned in all the drainage and loading areas. In a preliminary phase, there is the association of each silo (identified with a unique number) to an RFID tag . During the first phase of silos loading from the atomizer, the data (product code, description, amounts, etc...) are automatically written on the tag of the silo. During the second phase of dosage of the components, the operator is automatically informed about the code of the container to be captured and carried to the two weighting stations. In the two weighting stations, RFID tag system permits to control the correctness of the product. The system memorizes the remaining product quantity on both a database in the local network and the silo tag. The use of a RFID tag system has multiple benefits: -smaller cost of use -greater automation level and correctness of the data -time saving for operator -avoid of paper labels use