Plant View System Edition revolutionizes the concept of supervision station, proposing a distributed and integrated control system, where the basic SCADA features are extended and distributed over different services. This kind of system allows to create a stations network where the information is shared. The supervision project (tags batabase + graphic pages) can reside on a single PC that can be accessed by one or more supervision stations, in order to show the plant state in real time. The benefit in project maintenance ease is huge, leading to a great time and costs saving. The alarms management, data logging or production report generation are given in charge to dedicated services (Plant alarm manager, Plant data logger, Report generator) that share information with all supervision stations. The whole system is redundant: each service can have one or more backup and the Redundancy manager (redundant itself) takes care of monitoring each primary service state. In case of fault, it will activate the backup services, communicating to all system components the switches that took place.