The FAST group has studied and implemented the PDA application which allows operators to be traced on the various production lines.

Specifically, each processing station is equipped with a palmtop that allows the acquisition of: piece identification, station number and operator badge.
The application is essential to allow production to monitor the times and quality of the workload completed, limiting human error to the maximum. In fact, it is capable of sounding alarms if stations have been skipped or one of the three elements mentioned above has not been scanned correctly.

The production process stations are different and configurable according to production needs which are constantly evolving. The product is controlled in every phase as well as the production chain in order to ensure the success of processes such as the drying of the valve sealant which takes 19 hours. The PDA application is useful to ensure that the product has undergone the processes in all its phases and that the quality is up to scratch.

The FAST, SIARE and FCA teams’ work is constant and on-going: united and working together to beat Covid-19.