MWS II – STARBOX is the solution for evolved REMOTE MANAGEMENT, based on advanced information technology and capable of mixing the standard functions of remote control with the more innovative Multimedia and Internet services.Standards and innovations safeguarding the investment.MWS II – STARBOX uses established technological standards in continual evolution, as a guarantee of the quality and lifetime of the investment.Over and above the traditional functions of remote control, the principal innovative elements are:VAST AVAILABILITY OF LOCAL CONNECTIONSMWS II – STARBOX makes available an extensive range of communication possibilities, such as: ETHERNET, RS232, RS485, USB, CANBUS, Zig-bee, etc.REMOTE MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION AND MULTI-ACCESSFor remote connection with operational and maintenance centres, the following connections are available: PSTN MODEM, GSM, GPRS, ADSL, CABLED NETWORKS, WIRELESS NETWORKS, RADIO MODEM.EXTENSIVE RANGE OF COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLSMWS II – STARBOX offers an extensive range of communication protocols, for both local and remote connectivity. This means that MWS II – STARBOX can easily connect to PLC, instruments and local supervisors, as for SCADA operational centres. Moreover, by virtue of the open architecture, it is possible to develop Custom protocols.OPC COMPLIANTMWS II – STARBOX connects to any SCADA running in OPC mode.POWERFUL INTEGRATED WEB SERVERMWS II – STARBOX is fitted with an extremely powerful APACHE WEB SERVER, capable of matching the classic functions of a WEB SERVER with the peculiarities of a RTU. Therefore, thanks to the simple EXPLORER browser, access is given to REAL TIME variables, REAL TIME trends and synoptic pages. Moreover, each alarm or important event can be sent as an E-MAIL, just like the historic acquisition files (Data Logger and Alarm&EventLogger) can be transferred by FTP to the service personnel. This individual mode allows for the setting up of a simple remote control without any infrastructural costs.EMBEDDED PLC For the management of function logics, MWS II – STARBOX includes the LADDER language in its set of functions, relating to the IEC 61113-1 standard. MULTIMEDIABy virtue of its evolved architecture, MWS II – STARBOX is open to multimedia applications such as to allow the use of VIDEO CAMERAS, PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERAS and AUDIO SETS.CUSTOMER APPLICATION TOTALLY OPENMWS II – STARBOX operates in an EMBEDDED LINUX environment, and therefore it can host user applications developed for this environment with widely-known languages, such as C, JAVA, DELPHI etc.