Micro Web System LP is a low power R.T.U. (Remote Terminal Unit), used for remote control and data acquisition through wireless connection to GSM/GPRS network. The system architecture is based on a micro controller, a GSM/GPRS modem and a group of digital and analog input/outputs, in simple or opto-insulated configuration. The system has been designed in order to have low power consumption and to work with battery power supply. For long periods of operation it is necessary to recharge the batteries through mains (line power) or a small solar panel. Micro Web System Low Power is especially suited for the remote control of small plants or sections of a plant, for data collection and management, or for integrating information coming from different zones of the plant. At the same time, it provides: Independence from hardware and software vendors (in Web mode) Easy installation, configuration and maintenance Low power consumption Durability Innovative product