Fast SpA uses advanced technologies in the implementation of supervision and handling system in the Novara production plant of Unichips Group. Fast has created a MES advanced system that exchanges data with the information system of Unichips. Fast provided: - hardware support for the supervision and data exchange with the customer's management system; - the control systems of the production steps of packaging department and processing raw materials department; - the management of the finished products store; - the management of the packaging material store. The system provided by Fast has led several advantages to the customer, in fact: 1. computerizing the process steps and supporting the staff operation, has allowed the elimination or reduction of errors and paper; 2. collecting and communicating to Unichips systems the data of material flows, has allowed yield accounting divided by lot and supplier; 3. sending data concerning the activities of machines and reports of the plant events to Unichips systems, has led to greater awareness of production efficiency; 4. the store management led to a space optimizing and a drastic reduction of waste; 5. sending data automatically to machines and real time supervision are the key elements for finished products meeting the quality requirements; 6. collecting data from various production departments allows to manage the complete tracking of product as required by regulations.