A great concourse of people to ACCADUEO 2006, the International exhibition of technologies for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and wastewater treatments, that took place in Ferrara from the 17th to 19th May. In the two moments of the exhibition and of the conference, FAST has showed to the visitors the consolidated characteristics and the important innovations of Plant View 3 HMI SCADA, Micro Web System RTU and Aquaworks. Main topics of the conference have been: - Centralized Supervisions in control room: technological innovations and applicative experiences - Systems for remote control on Web platform: cases of excellence in the water and energetic services - Software instrument for water loss control through district metering. The debate after the conference has given the opportunity to the participants to receive useful information and to clear the doubts on the supervision of an aqueduct and on water loss control that are topics extreme important in the Public Utilities field.