The ability to control, monitor, supervise remote installations using technology and standard communication networks allows to optimize the performance of facilities, increase their efficiency and safety and reduce costs drastically.Fast SpA has made the supervisory system for ACAOP SpA in Stradella (Pavia - ITALY). ACAOP SpA is a company that provides water to the 43 municipalities. The ACAOP distribution network consists of 1700 km of pipes scattered over a vast territory and with very different characteristics.The system set up by Fast is based on Plant View Overland, the latest version of SCADA realized by Fast, radio connected to RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) which control the network. It was possible to maintain the RTU, already present and functioning in the territory, thanks to the implementation of communication protocols.Additional GSM/GPRS connected RTU were installed: MWS (Micro Web System) also produced by FAST. This generation of devices is particularly powerful and flexible, supporting different types of protocols and communication systems: serial communication on dedicated lines, radio and switched, digital GSM/GPRS, ADSL, LAN, WAN and TCP/IP.The system is fully fault-tolerant thanks to two redundant server networked Ethernet with a number of Client stations.The Web features have also allowed the remote supervisory positions in networked Internet.The realized system is open, uniform, scalable and expandable and through the standard OPC meet the needs of integration, openness and standardization of technological control and automation systems.