Officially opened in 2015 on the outskirts of Ravenna, the Standiana Water Treatment Plant, with a maximum potential of 1100 litres per second and the ability to produce 20 million cubic metres of drinking water a year, is one of the most advanced systems in the sector in the whole of Europe.

Romagna Acque – Società delle Fonti S.p.A., which designed and built the plant, has carried out an essential system intervention making it possible to further diversify the supply sources, also ensuring sufficient resources in case of water shortage.


A technologically advanced operation in the field of water resource management, featuring the services of the company FAST and its 20 years of know-how in the ultrafiltration sector.

The most important section of the system, which receives water from the Po river, sourced from a derivation of the Emiliano Romagnolo Canal, is the water filtration unit, consisting of membranes with a very fine external porosity capable not only of straining all the suspended solids, but also any potentially pathogenic organisms. At the end of the treatment, active carbons pass through the system to also capture any unwanted dissolved substances.


On behalf of Yokogawa, leading company in the instrumentation and automation systems industry, FAST integrated the control and supervision system of the Water Treatment Plant

The system, based on the DCS (Distributed Control System) Yokogawa Centum VP, consists of four redundant control units, an engineering station and two operator stations.




In addition to supplying the electric control panels, FAST also configured the application software and provided support in the auditing and start-up phases.




Additionally, by connecting the DCS with Epanet (system for modelling water distribution networks), Fast configured the system for relaunching the water into the water system, so optimising energy consumptions.

The consultancy and interventions provided by FAST contributed to the creation of an extremely high quality, efficient service guaranteed to stand the test of time.