The remote control system for Enìa Reggio Emilia comprises: -a control workstation -a transmission data system -Remote Terminal Units installed on the plants The PC of the control workstation, dedicated to data acquisition, interrogates in cyclical way the MWS stations, acquiring the information that they got, in the meantime, from the instrumentations. Different data (items values, alarms, measures, etc) arrive from the R.T.U. to the control workstation, while in the opposite direction data are transmitted to RTU for management of plants (regulations, commands, etc). The transmission of all the data occurs through company radio link, constituted by three repeaters dislocated in strategic points to cover all the managed territory. FAST has integrated their own MWSs in the Enìa remote control system, without any modification to the existing system. This is a further confirmation of the ability of our company as a system integrator and of the flexibility of our products.