An important step forward in the culture of energy recovery, an ambitious challenge that took shape in the AIRWATT project presented on Tuesday 17 July at the FAST Headquarters in Scandiano (RE). A real practical demonstration of the new technology, which involved and intrigued the over 30 participants at the event, representatives of the major gas distribution companies. During the morning the engineer Emilio Benati of Fast SpA and the engineer Emanuele Guglielmino of Advanced Microturbines Srl presented the project born from the collaboration between the two companies, respectively specialized in remote control systems and microturbine for energy harvesting and funded by the European Union within the research program and the Horizon 2020 innovation. The innovative AIRWATT system, has literally fascinate those present who were able to directly witness a demonstration of its potential and discuss possible applications and results. The great revolution of AIRWATT lies in its ability to capture the energy dissipated during the gas decompression process and to convert it into electrical energy. This provides a local and continuous source of energy that can power RTU and other tools. The initiative has aroused strong interest by the major operators of the sector who see in this application a more efficient yield of distribution networks combined with energy saving and greater environmental protection.