An anaerobic digestion system has now been launched in Pontinia (LT). The system was designed and built by Anaergia Srl, a company in the Anaergia Inc. group, which is headquartered in Canada and specializes in waste management.

The system, which will be managed by Easy Energia Ambiente, a company in the Anaergia group, can digest 100 t/d (36,000 t/yr) of OFMSW (organic fraction of municipal solid waste), producing 32 GWh of biomethane to be fed into the network and 4500 t of soil conditioner per year (organic fertilizer), along with 15,000 t of purified water.

The system relies on the most modern technologies to combine economic sustainability (the system generates more than twice the energy it consumes) and environmental sustainability (no foul smells), and it is also an essential element in recycling and the related circular economy.

Fast was one of the primary manufacturers of this successful project, having designed and supplied the LV electrical distribution system and especially the control and surveillance system, one of the key components in the correct management of the process.

With the use of the most modern and reliable automation technologies available (SCADA, advanced PLCs, field bus, distributed I/O, standard communication protocols, etc.) and especially due to the extraordinary skill and professionalism of the technicians, the system supplied by Fast enables safe and efficient management of the entire system.


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