Overland is the web portal particularly suitable for the supervision of plants dedicated to re- ducing pressure in gas distribution networks.

The system communicates with the plant's Data
Loggers and Controllers distributed throughout the territory. Users interact with plants via web- based HMI and have a powerful history stored in the database that can be viewed via web page.



The system consists of an application to supervise and manage the network:
Communication Layer: software module that manages communication with multi-protocol - multi-vendor RTUs

  • Database for recording all system data
  • WEB server to host the Overland portal
  • Man-machine HMI interface via web with the system
  • Devices to distribute the software user inter- face (smartphones, tablets)


The WEB mode of the interface software allows the user to access data from anywhere, without the need to install additional software on the devices used; just an internet connection is needed.

Designed and assembled in Italy
  • Advanced reporting of alarms and relevant events thanks to innovative technologies: email, SMS, MMS freely available through Smartphones and Tablets
  • For each plant, all the fundamental process values are monitored: pressure, flow rate, tem- perature, device status and alarms
  • The data collected by the RTU can be viewed both in historical form and in real time
  • Integrated with GIS system
  • The system manages the gas network plants by subdividing them into geographical areas
  • DATA EXPORT to other systems such as Network Models, Simulation Models or simply EXCEL