Advanced communication driver

Communication Layer is an advanced communication driver characterized by a wide configurability and a highest interoperability.

Using standard communication interfaces it manages the communication both to the field, by connecting a wide range of RTU, both to the supervision center, by interfacing to different SCADA systems and to multiple SQL databases.

Designed and assembled in Italy
  • continuous-time connectivity (“always on line”) or discrete-time (“dial-up”) of the supervision software from and to the remote devices
  • acquisition of remote plant's status and trends of the variables that measure its functioning
  • acquisition of alarm events sent spontaneously or historicized by the device
  • sending remote commands or modifying device operating parameters
  • acquisition data from other vendor databases

The peculiar combinations of RTU (especially their data protocol) and CommDevice in the system help to determine the specific "Communication Layer", i.e. all the moods and tenses with which communication occurs between the control center and the periphery:

  • Continuous connection started from the center
  • Continuous connection started from the periphery
  • Dial-up connection started from center on operator request
  • Dial-up connection started from center on cyclic scheduling (“ronda”)
  • Dial-up connection started from periphery