Produced by the EMIT Group between 2017 and 2018 in an area adjacent to the port of Beirut, the Coral Composting Treatment Plant manages an incoming flow of 750 tonnes per day of organic fraction selected mechanically from solid urban waste.



The process consists of the following areas:

  • Receiving the organic fraction selected mechanically upstream
  • Composting the organic fraction in 37 bio-tunnels equipped with forced aeration
  • Refining, in order to produce compost for use in agriculture or environmental remediation projects
  • Recovering metals
  • Treating exhaust air extracted from the bio-tunnels


Within the framework of this strategic initiative for Lebanon, as part of a global sustainable development plan which includes large investments financed by the World Bank, FAST has designed and implemented the automation system for controlling and monitoring the composting process.

The automation system is based on architecture with centralised PLCs and SCADA in the control room, and I/Os distributed throughout the plant via the Profinet network..

The contribution made by FAST took the form of supplying:

  • LV power and distribution panels
  • Control and monitoring system (PLCs, RIOs, SCADA)
  • Field and control network
  • Control and monitoring application software
  • Testing and commissioning

Thanks to a close-knit, specialist team of technicians and by virtue of the expertise gained over hundreds of automation projects, in this case, as in all the initiatives in which it is involved, FAST played a fundamental role in the success of the project, confirming itself as a reliable, essential partner for international initiatives.