FAST has always used the utmost advanced technologies to design and realize solutions and products with high intellectual content, able to carry out specific jobs, integrating itself with communication networks, mobile devices, remote control and supervision systems. The wide range of proposals elaborated by FAST consists of innovative and efficient solutions able to simplify workers’ job, which could operate by using user-friendly operative interfaces as PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

Particular attention is given to customer’s needs, by searching for everyone the suitable solution offering the best compromise among requirements and budgets to be met. The company purpose consists in the introduction of a fruitful and durable partnership, granting to customer the full satisfaction and above all the awareness to have chosen a qualified and reliable partner.

Moreover, FAST is placed in the innovative scenery of INTERNET OF EVERYTHING, in which context, the objects are recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the ability to communicate on themselves and access to consolidated information from others. The electronic world must trace a map of the real one, giving an electronic identity of things and places of physical environment.

Particularly careful to technological evolution FAST is conscious about the fact that today automation must be able to control and discipline easily those functions and services which, even being deeply different regarding their physical nature, they are involved in the same environmental context. Because of this reason, the company has extended its own competences in sectors as Communication and Media (RADIO, GPS, DSL Wireless UMTS, LTE), as well as in interrelation between subjects (machines and persons), divided into its various forms (e-mail, FTP, SMS, MMS, VOICE IP).  All of this intensifies the role of Internet, as universal and pervasive carrier, which allows to have every function independently from the place where we are.

FAST proposals are based on integrated solutions, where methods and technologies are interlaced on platforms able to supply different types of services in a transparent continuum for the user. It is always oriented to the perspective in evolution of innovation technology.

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