system_integrator2Established in 2006 by companies FAST SpA, TECLAB Srl and FASTEST Srl, the group FAST works as System Integrator of process control and as producer of hardware and software solutions in response to every requirement concerning control, remote control and supervision in different areas as civil and industrial.

The holding company FAST SpA has been founded in 1982 by graduate engineers, EMILIO BENATI and PIERPAOLO CAVALLI, which aim was the utilization of the new technology of Personal Computer in applied process control concerning Agro–Industrial Sector.

After more than 30 years, the company has acquired the necessary know-how in order to realize control systems in all industrial sectors, including Multi-utilities Sector. Since its foundation, FAST has always been distinguished for its capacity to propose innovative and forefront solutions. Its high technological value of service, whose aim was the full satisfaction of the client, was successful. In fact, clients obtain the maximum technical and economic advantage by choosing our products.

During the years, FAST has become an important reality in the role of System Integrator both in the industrial and in the civil sectors, developing various solutions and products in order to optimize the methods related to automatic processes, simplifying the workers’ job and reducing human errors. The recent history has seen FAST fully committed in planning and realization concerning products dedicated to Remote Control (Remote Terminal Unit) and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), technologies which have revolutionized the working method concerning different realities, particularly those geographically distributed, as an example the Multi-utilities.

controllo_processo_industriale FAST intensely believes in resources concerning human capital and confirms the fact investing in vocational training more than 3000 hours per year. In fact, the employers are highly qualified, specialized, periodically submitted to continuing education and refresher courses. The main purpose consists in maintaining suitable the competences, which are essential to obtain a continuous improvement of developed solutions.

In a market always more selective, it is necessary to present products able to compete with those of most important world players, concerning both innovation technology and economics terms. Due to these reasons, FAST has always awarded great importance to innovation, investing on average 7% of its turnover in Research and Development. The solid structure of R&S works both by FAST SpA laboratory (commissioned to MIUR) and by TECLAB Srl laboratories. The FAST group, working according to certificated standards, as ISO 9001, 14000, 18000 and others, guarantees quality and reliability of offered services.

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