FAST is the ideal partner for solutions dedicated to remote control and management of distributed installations sectors; it proposes flexible and reliable systems equipped with the utmost integration capability. The constant access to the most innovative technologies allows to reformulate the TELEMANAGEMENT concept which, from product oriented, becomes company oriented, granting wide flexibility, availability and huge opening towards existing systems. FAST realizes remote control systems for:

  • Utilities networks
  • Smart meters
  • Plant and machinery for the industrial production
  • Cathodic protection
  • Environmental Monitoring and geognostic surveys
  • Civil installation and photovoltaic systems


FAST supplies efficient and reliable control and supervision systems for the different industrial sectors.


FAST offers a catalogue of solutions and products realized for innovative management of water networks.


FAST offers smart solutions designed to meet every remote control requirement of gas networks.

Energy & Environment

FAST realizes systems for energy generation plants and environment monitoring.

Our activities for Remote Control

A wide catalogue of remote terminal units with technical and functional characteristics, which are suitable to fulfil different purposes concerning the geographically distributed systems.


Remote devices for the control of geographically distributed systems.

Solutions for remote – reading of consumption, as requested by applicable norms in protection of the consumer and of the quality of the service


Solutions for network consumptions monitoring and for AMR.

Realization of virtual control rooms useful to monitor the systems status by using an ordinary device connected to global network.


Control & Management of distributed networks by WEB platforms.

Availability of advanced structures for management of web platforms and data collected from remote terminals.


Hosting service for the WEB portal dedicated to the network managing.

Advanced solutions for supervision and unified management of geographically distributed systems.


Supervision systems for operational centers.

Solutions able to create a platform of unitary knowledge shared by different company departments, independently from the source and from the utilized transmission means.


Communication systems and standardization for information flows.

Wide proposal of specialized software package finalized to innovative managements of utilities networks.


Vertical applications for issues dedicated to utility networks.

Solutions interoperable and interconnected with different processes, technologies and vendors eventually already existing in the plant, researching the most suitable solution in satisfaction to customer requirements.


Integration with existing systems.

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